About Machine Incorporated

Machine Incorporated is a AS9100 Certified and highly reliable CNC machining source—a preeminent supplier with FAA-PMA approvals, dependable in both product and customer service. With a common-sense approach to business and defined, stable processes in place, Machine Inc. maintains a high standard of quality, consistency, and cost effectiveness. Our cost-effective approach incorporates lean practices that translate across the board, so you know you are getting competitive pricing while maintaining the integrity of the quality and precision of your parts.

With precisely calibrated equipment and adherence to strict manufacturing, verification, and lot-control documentation standards, Machine Inc. ensures parts are flawless, produced on time, and meet precise specifications and requirements. By employing lean practices and Kanban systems, we are also one of the few firms in the industry to use cloud-based inventory management for optimizing and automating clients’ inventory control processes. Vigilant process management allows Machine Inc. to anticipate customer needs and provide streamlined, proactive results consistently.

Latest Acquisition

Machine Inc. has expanded the product line through our latest acquisition, Oplite Technologies (formerly Mid-Sota Aircraft Technologies), to develop and produce light emitting diode (LED) lighting products that meet applicable requirements for use in aerospace and aircraft applications in certified and experimental markets. Proudly made in the U.S.A., all products are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration-Parts Manufacturer Approval (FAA-PMA) quality standards. Products are FAA-PMA approved for direct replacement of legacy Cessna map lights.

Our Promise of Dependability Includes:

  • Helping you improve efficiency and manufacturability
  • Providing expert technical advice on component design, manufacturing processes, and inventory management
  • Combining competitive pricing and top-quality standards
  • Meeting all your needs to precise specifications
  • Producing flawless parts
  • Delivering on time

At Machine Inc., we take pride in our history of reliability and business integrity, having built relationships with many long-term customers who appreciate our commitment to exceptional service and delivery. Our common-sense philosophy extends beyond typical business practices and keeps common courtesy, consistency, and fairness at the forefront—right where you, our customers, are.