Contract Machining

AS9100-Certified Contract Machining

Machine Inc.’s common-sense approach encompasses lean manufacturing practices, Kanban inventory management, and consistent quality control measures that ensure on-time delivery for customers. The advanced technology CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC Swiss turning machine centers allow us to run a variety of jobs at once, meeting quick-turn production schedules and providing flexibility with Kanban release dates. We support wire EDM, plastic machining, and provide finishing work, such as deburring and anti-reflective coatings with the same precision and adherence to quality as our core capabilities.

CNC Milling

As part of our overall strategy to maintain high standards and consistency in scheduling, production, and delivery, Machine Inc. uses multi-palleted CNC milling machines. We have advanced technology 15-, 6-, and 5-pallet CNC milling machines.

CNC Turning

With industry leading capabilities, lean manufacturing, and concurrent engineering, we’ve optimized multi-axis turning services at Machine Incorporated to offer a level of comprehensive quality that’s a step above the rest.

Swiss CNC Turning

CNC Swiss machining is frequently used for machining products out of extremely hard materials with exceptionally tight tolerances within millionths of an inch.

Wire EDM

In a very competitive, highly regulated market, you need to know that what you order is what you receive—right down to the tiniest, most precise specification. The type of electrical discharge machining (EDM) Machine Inc. uses is commonly known as wire manufacturing, wire burning, or wire erosion.

Plastic Machining

Plastic machining can be an excellent alternative to metal machining. It allows for light weight, flexible, and corrosion resistant parts and components.